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Hannah Marie.


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how to get a boyfriend


put peanut butter on a pinecone and roll it in bird seed. hang it up outside. wait.

A full moon rises over the skyline of New York as seen from the Eagle Rock Reservation in West Orange, New Jersey on August 10, 2014.



Title:Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
Artist:Panic! At The Disco
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I’ve got more wit
A better kiss
Hotter touch
A better fuck
Than any boy you’ll ever meet


idobi radio is my favorite thing ever

Step into the party step out of commotion

The scariest part of love is living the saddest songs.
"If the full moon loves you, why worry about the stars?"
-Tunisian Proverb (via feellng)
Title:Alive With The Glory Of Love
Artist:Say Anything
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When I watch you, I wanna do you right where you’re standing 

Right on the foyer, on this dark day, right in plain view 
Of the whole ghetto. The boots stomp meadows, but we ignore that 
You’re lovely, baby. This war is crazy. I won’t let you down 

No, I won’t let them take you, won’t let them take you
Hell no no, oh no, I won’t let them take you, won’t let them take you
Hell no no.

Milky Way by (Adhemar Duro)

I hate the way my boyfriends’ dog lays on my legs when I sleep. But now I can’t fall asleep without him.